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Online Safety Info

Internet Safety and Security

John Marshall Bank will never ask for your password or account numbers in an unsolicited email or phone call.  Persons or messages asking you to reveal your login credentials are illegitimate even if they seem legitimate.  If you ever receive a request to provide sensitive information in an email or by telephone, we urge you to contact your representative at John Marshall Bank or your local FBI office.

With the increasing threat of internet fraud in all aspects of society, John Marshall Bank is determined to be proactive in helping our customers avoid financial loss due to criminal schemes.

Listed below are some helpful links to the Web site of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other government agencies concerning Internet security. John Marshall Bank encourages you to take a moment to read the helpful information found on these pages of the FBI’s site.

John Marshall Bank also offers these brochures (in PDF format) to help you understand Internet security issues:

Schemes Scams & Frauds
Account Authentication & Online Banking (for personal online banking)
Risk Assessment & Layered Security (for business online banking)