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Security Information

Identity theft, phishing, and misrepresentation of official sources has made keeping your finances secure a much tougher task than the simple best practices of even 10 years ago. That’s why John Marshall Bank requires that any page on which you type in your account information be a secure HTTPS page, so that all information exchanged is encrypted … meaning there is a specific code sequence for that page alone that changes every time an HTTPS page is requested by you.

Our Online Banking site is audited, encrypted, and scanned constantly to ensure user confidence. The best failsafes can never be a substitute for personal vigilance, though, so that is why we ask that you never share your account information with anyone, so that these security measures are meaningful.

You should never email us your account passwords through your normal email account, as these are typically not secure environments.

We will never initiate a call to you and ask you to provide your account information with us before proceeding. You should always initiate calls about your account needs to us at John Marshall Bank, to make absolutely sure you are talking to a John Marshall Bank authorized employee at one of our facilities.

Your business and personal financial information will always remain a confidential matter between only you and our most trusted banking agents, to provide you peace of mind and fiscal strength.

Reach us by phone at your personal branch listed under the Contact Us navigation box above, or reach our Executive Office at (703) 584-0840 during normal weekday hours.

Thank you for choosing and trusting John Marshall Bank.