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Congratulations on Your New JMB Account!

Now, It’s Time to Enroll in Online Banking

Whether you’re running a business or just running errands, we’ve made our Business and Personal Online Banking enrollment process quick and easy. You’re just a couple of steps away from the convenience and flexibility of our Online Banking features which include:

  • Checking balances and viewing transactions in real-time
  • Transferring funds between accounts and related entities
  • Paying bills online with Bill Pay
  • Stopping payment on a check
  • Viewing check images
  • Making wire transfers*
  • Integrating QuickBooks®*
  • Utilizing Positive Pay*
  • Enhancing internal controls while reducing fraud *
  • Setting up ACH payments*

*Services apply to Business Online Banking customers

We’ve outlined a couple of notes to consider before you begin the enrollment process in order to ensure a smooth and hassle-free account set-up.

Business Enrollment

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Carefully read through the following considerations before enrolling in Business Online Banking:

  • Initial Enrollment process needs to be completed by a CURRENT SIGNER on the account. Once the company is enrolled, authorized users can be added to the account. However, the initial account enrollment process for online banking must be completed by a CURRENT SIGNER on the account. 
  • A CURRENT SIGNER is defined as the individual who initially opened the business bank account. 
  • You will be required to know your COMPANY ID # once it is assigned it to you, so please write it down, or keep it handy for future verification purposes.
  • Once enrollment is complete, it may take up to 24 to 48 hours before you will receive your approval email, which contains further enrollment instructions, and at which point you may sign on.

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Personal Enrollment

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Before enrolling in Personal Online Banking, you will need to read and agree to our Personal Online Banking Access Agreement.

Note: On the initial Online Banking Enrollment page, you will be required to click on the “Personal Online Banking Access Agreementlink, which will open a new tab displaying our terms of agreement. Once you’ve read through the terms, you can return to the Personal Online Banking enrollment page and confirm you have read and agree to the terms.

If you do not click on the “Personal Online Banking Access Agreement” link, the system will not allow you to move forward with the enrollment process. 

Navigate to Personal OLB Enrollment

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