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John Marshall Bank’s Home Pursuit Program is the Mortgage to Help You Move In

Move in day has just finished up. Your furniture is in place and half empty boxes designated “I’ll unpack it later” create a maze in your new home. Everyone is slowly, but surely, adjusting to this next chapter. You take a break from the excitement and activity to rewind a bit and reflect on how you got here in the first place. It wasn’t quick, it wasn’t easy, and it was a journey from start to finish. It started with deciding to move in the first place. Then came the process of finding the perfect house in the best location. Finally, you had to set your sights on your biggest challenge, yet, finding the mortgage to help you move in.

To put it lightly, buying a house is an expensive task, but with John Marshall Bank’s Home Pursuit Program, the pathway to homeownership greatly opens up. Through the Home Pursuit Program, John Marshall Bank offers solutions to the economic challenges that get in the way of buying your first, or next, home.

The way the Home Pursuit Program tackles the obstacles comes from its specialized rate that’s lower than other mortgage products on the market. This low rate is only available to those who meet certain income, loan amounts, and home value requirements, which solidifies the programs goal of making the American dream of owning a home a reality that isn’t defined by financial obstacles and income-based challenges.

Maybe you’ve already had your move in day, and are reading this, kicking yourself because you didn’t know about this deal when you first bought your house. There’s good news for you, too, because the Home Pursuit Program is also available to those looking to refinance their current mortgage and meet the program’s income, loan amount, and home value requirements.

The Home Pursuit Program is offered all throughout the DC Metro region, where John Marshall Bank operates. While the area has its unique housing market challenges, John Marshall Bank and their consumer lending team are ready and able to help potential homebuyers in their journey.

With its accessibility, John Marshall Bank’s Home Pursuit Program is truly the mortgage to help you move in.

Looking for even more information on the Home Pursuit Program or are thinking of applying? Visit our Home Pursuit page today!