Ariel view of National Landing, Amazon's HQ2 site

Amazon’s HQ2 Presents Opportunities for Real Estate Developers & Homeowners

Northern Virginia has always been an attractive region for home buyers and commercial real estate developers alike. However, in November of 2018, when the e-commerce tech giant Amazon announced that NOVA was selected as the site of their second headquarters, the real estate market responded. With the potential of 50,000 new residents flocking to the Greater DC region, the Northern Virginia market has seen unprecedented increases in property value and listing prices.

One area code in particular has been of great interest. The “22202” neighborhood is comprised of a number of Arlington County communities including National Landing, the location of Amazon’s HQ2. A report by the Bright MLS revealed that as of June of 2019, year-over-year listings in this area increased by 99.9%. In fact, just one month after the announcement by Amazon, the listing price for a single-family home in this neighborhood skyrocketed by 75.5%, from $780,000 in November to $1.37 million in December. Local office buildings have also experienced an increase in property value after the announcement by Amazon. The Hartford building, located on Wilson Blvd in Arlington, sold for $128.75 million dollars in January of this year, according to the Washington Business Journal.

Median List Price for Single Family Homes in 22202Median list price for single family homes in ZIP code 22202 Bright MLS

And with no exception, commercial real estate developers have been enjoying the multi-million dollar opportunities that Amazon’s HQ2 has provided. Townhouses, single family homes and apartment building blueprints and construction plans have extended to not just the Arlington County region but throughout the Greater DC area. Not to mention, the increase in the appreciation for homes impacted Northern Virginia as a whole, with the average listing price rising by 4% – from $590,582 in 2018 to $614,236 in 2019.

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The numbers speak for themselves. The next 10-15 years are proven to be pivotal for the Greater DC real estate market as Amazon’s HQ2 attracts tens of thousands of new residents, hundreds of businesses and unlimited housing and development opportunities. Contact our lending team today to learn more about how you can participate in transforming the landscape of our region.