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Checking & Savings

Checking Accounts

At John Marshall Bank, it is all about simplicity and convenience. In fact, our checking account options come with so many free benefits, they make accessing your money about as effortless and economical as it gets:

  • FREE – Unlimited ATM withdrawals using any ATM in the world*
  • FREE – MasterCard® chip-enabled Debit Card
  • FREE – Online Banking
  • FREE – Direct Deposit
  • FREE – Bill Pay

*Get unlimited automatic ATM surcharge rebates for ATM fees other banks charge you. JMB does not charge a fee for using another bank’s ATM. ATM fees will be rebated, once the transaction posts.

CHECKING ACCOUNTS – Free and Interest

Features Supreme★Checking Federal Interest Checking Justice Checking FREED∅M Account
Minimum to Open $2,500.00 $100.00 $100.00 $10.00
Minimum to Avoid Fees $5,000.00 $1,000.00 $10.00 $0.00
Monthly Fee if Below Minimum $25.00 $10.00 $3.00 $0.00
Interest Rate Please ask for current rates Please ask for current rates Please ask for current rates N/A
Bonus Rate on Certificate of Deposit 1x 0.25% rate bump N/A N/A N/A
Stop Payment Fee Waiver One per month N/A N/A N/A
Wire Transfer Fee Waiver (domestic) One per month N/A N/A N/A
Check Order Waiver FREE Standard Check Order N/A N/A N/A

Rates, fees and terms subject to change

Direct Deposit

Promotes a safe, secure and convenient way to expedite payments owed to you and have them deposited directly into your account. Whether it is your paycheck, social security payment, pension check, Direct Deposit provides you with:

  • Same day availability of funds into your account
  • Eliminates risk of losing checks

Our staff can help you set this up for any regular federal or private company payments owed to you.

Overdraft Services

Overdraft Line of Credit

Protect yourself from insufficient fund fees with our overdraft protection line of credit (OLOC). This OLOC has no term, and will be activated if you inadvertently exceed the available balance in your personal checking account.

Overdraft Transfer Protection

Whether you have an accidental overdraft or a low balance requiring the transfer of funds, John Marshall Bank is pleased to offer customers fee protection from inadvertent non-sufficient funds. Ask us about eligibility.

Savings Accounts

Save for retirement, start a vacation fund or put something away for emergencies. No matter what the reason, saving makes sense — especially these days.

Our Savings and Money Market Accounts give you flexible, competitive options for you to make your money grow— safely and securely.


For current rates, please click here.

Supreme Savings Personal Savings Junior Savings JMB Personal Money Market
Minimum to Open $100.00 $100.00 $5.00 $100.00
Minimum to Avoid Fee $100.00 $100.00 $10.00 $2,000.00
Monthly Fee if Below Minimum $3.00 $3.00 $3.00 $10.00
Tiered Interest Rate Yes Yes No Yes
Interest Rate Please Ask for Current Rates Please Ask for Current Rates Please Ask for Current Rates Please Ask for Current Rates
Maximum Withdrawals 6 per month 6 per month 6 per month 6 per month
Excess Withdrawal Fee $3.00 $3.00 $3.00 $10.00
Checks Yes N/A N/A Yes
Early Withdrawal Penalty No No No No

Rates, fees and terms subject to change

Junior Savings Account

For John Marshall Bank customers wishing to teach children or grandchildren the value of saving money, our Junior Savings Account is the perfect tool.

Benefits of this account include:

  • A parent or guardian maintains control of the funds as the custodian until the child turns 18 years of age, at which point the custodian needs to convert to an account under the 18-year-old’s name.
  • All interest is reported under the child’s tax identification number, preserving the interest earned.
  • Earn a higher rate of interest on the first $1,000.00 in the account.

Certificates of Deposits (CDs)

Certificates of Deposit are ideal for individuals interested in steady principals and more significant gains. CDs have flexible terms, designed to meet your individual needs at rates higher than those on standard savings accounts. Ask us for rates our rates and terms.

Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Services (CDARS)

CDARS offer you the opportunity to maintain full FDIC coverage on CDs with balances over single FDIC institution limits. John Marshall Bank will establish accounts for excess money in CDs at participating FDIC-insured United States financial institutions. You will receive one complete bank statement from John Marshall Bank showing all CD account balances.


We’d love to talk about how we can help you better manage your money—and your time.