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Cash Management Services

 Information Reporting Services

Online Business Banking

With Online Business Banking, we never close. Open a Business Checking, Savings, or Money Market account and get free 24/7 secure access to web-based tools that make it easy to:

  • Check balances and view transactions in real-time
  • Enhance internal controls while reducing fraud
  • Integrate QuickBooks®
  • Transfer funds between accounts and related entities
  • Pay bills online with Business Bill Pay
  • Set up ACH payments
  • Make wire transfers1
  • Stop payment on a check1
  • View check images
    Click Business Online Banking Demo

    1Fees discounted when done through Online Banking.

Mobile Banking

Fast. Convenient. Free. With a touch of your finger, you can securely access all of your bank accounts. Need your balance? Done! Deposit checks or transfer funds between your John Marshall Bank accounts? Done! Pay bills, view check images or just find the nearest branch or ATM? Done! Banking has never been easier!

While John Marshall Bank does not charge customers for our convenient Mobile Banking service, you should check with your wireless carrier for data rate charges and messaging fees that may apply.

Account Alerts

Account Alerts notify you via email or text message of important events occurring on your account. To authorize alerts, simply enroll in Online Banking and select the alerts you wish to activate and the notification method you prefer.

The frequency of text messages will depend on the alert options chosen. Alert settings can be changed at any time, simply by removing your mobile phone number, changing your alert selections, sending STOP as a reply to an alert, or texting instructions directly to 20736. Messages will come from John Marshall Bank as Bank Alerts.

QuickBooks® Direct Connect

Our Online Banking platform is fully integrated with QuickBooks® to enable a seamless download of your banking transactions. Track and categorize your deposits, expenses, bills and more. Reconcile your accounts with just a few clicks.

Escrow Manager

This service is ideal for title companies, property management companies and attorneys handling 1031 exchanges. Escrow Manager significantly reduces the administrative burdens of opening, tracking and reporting on individual escrow accounts.

  • Establish and track escrow deposits as individual sub-accounts
  • Year-end 1099 forms are automatically prepared and mailed directly to all sub-account holders
  • Receive comprehensive monthly statements
  • Each sub-account is insured by the FDIC for up to $250,000.00

e-Statements and Check Imaging

No need for storing boxes filled with paper records. John Marshall Bank stores your statements for seven years! That is why we offer e-Statements. Enroll in online banking and elect to receive electronic statements and have the convenience of 24/7 access to seven years of your bank statements through secure business banking. You will receive statements that are encrypted and password protected, and your paper statements will cease to be sent after about one reporting cycle. For additional protection, you will be notified by email when a statement has been sent for your review. Images of cancelled checks will be included.

Account Analysis

Earnings Credit Rate – Account analysis offers you a competitive earnings credit rate for the most efficient use of your collected balances to compensate for the services used by your company.

Earnings Credit – Earnings credit from one account may be used to offset service charges incurred by an associated account on analysis.

Simplified Services – Settlement of banking services is simplified by providing one total monthly fee for service charges on all of your qualified accounts.

Payables and Purchasing Solutions

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Take control of your cash flow with a fast and secure way to manage payments with out-of-band authentication via text messaging. With ACH services from John Marshall Bank you can automatically direct deposit payroll, make vendor payments and initiate pre-authorized bill payments anytime — quickly, securely and efficiently. John Marshall Bank ACH transactions support same day origination, reduce errors, improve cash flow, and strengthen your vendor relationships.


Business Bill Pay

Business and Commercial Checking customers, simplify your accounts payable with Business Bill Pay! It’s FREE, convenient, and safer than paying by check.

Business Bill Pay saves you time and money because the process of issuing checks is automated by this convenient service. Goodbye envelopes and stamps! Best of all, you can set payment schedules to stay current and avoid late payments.

Business Debit Card

Use your John Marshall Bank MasterCard® chip-enabled debit card like cash or a check. Unlike a paper check, your address and checking account number are unknown to the merchant taking your card — your identity is safer and you are better protected against identity theft. Because your transactions are deducted from your corresponding business checking account at time of purchase, you can keep better track of your spending.

Business Rewards Credit Card

Whether you travel for business, entertain clients, purchase office supplies or any other business-related expense, John Marshall Bank has you covered with a variety of credit cards. Some even come with rewards points and are fee-free. Be sure to inquire for further details.

We also offer specialized cards with no personal guarantees for non-profits and companies with higher net income.

  • Separate your business and personal expenses
  • Control the spending limits and types of purchases allowed on employee cards
  • Consolidated monthly bill or individual bill by request
  • Earn rewards points for your company
  • Zero Fraud Liability — Cardmember is not liable for fraudulent purchase when card is lost or stolen. Cardmember must notify the Bank promptly of any unauthorized use.

Apple Pay®

Apple Pay is a convenient new way to easily make purchases with your John Marshall Bank debit and credit cards at many of your favorite retailers with just the touch of your finger, wallet-free. All you need to do is enroll your John Marshall Bank debit and credit cards using our Wallet app with an eligible iPhone®, iPad®, or Apple Watch®.

Purchasing Card

Reduce the costs associated with processing requisitions, purchase orders and check requests with a John Marshall Bank purchasing card. Our purchasing card is an accounts payable solution for simplifying and consolidating your company’s travel, entertainment or general payables disbursements.

Additional features include:

  • Rebate potential based on annual use
  • Comprehensive reporting and payment records
  • Superior spending control
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Supplier payment solutions
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Tax and compliance management support
  • Receive $100,000.00 protection, per instance, from misuse
  • Reduce the risk of check fraud

Online Wire Transfer Services

Online Wire Transfer Services from John Marshall Bank give you the ability to transfer funds quickly between financial institutions via our Business Online Banking connection— in real-time. Perfect for scheduled or one-time transfers, this convenient feature is designed for domestic as well as international transactions.

  • Transfer funds without leaving your office
  • Added security of Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Automated alert confirmations via email including Fed Reference Number
  • Process transfers reliably and securely


Collection and Receivable Solutions

Remote Check Deposit

Our Remote Check Deposit service allows you to deposit checks remotely, 24/7. Simply scan, upload and transmit a digital image of your check to your John Marshall Bank account. We make the whole process secure through encryption, fast and easy.

  • Deposit your checks from your home or office 24/7
  • Save time while avoiding traffic, weather and closing times
  • Consolidate banking relationships for your remote office locations
  • Enhance your cash flow/management capabilities with different levels of access
  • Facilitate easier, more efficient check deposit research
  • Receive next day availability on credits made before 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday. Deposits made after 5:00 p.m., Friday will be considered a Monday transaction with funds credited Tuesday.

Current JMB Remote Check Deposit Customers can fill out our product questionnaire to help us better serve your business needs.

Automated Collections

Automated Collections using ACH is a secure, fast and convenient way to improve cash flow and manage receivables for your business. With ACH Collection services from John Marshall Bank, you can get paid faster by automatically:

  • Collecting payments, dues, rent, subscriptions or fees
  • Move funds from other banks to your John Marshall Bank account

Merchant Card Services

Accelerate cash flow by accepting electronic forms of payment including MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express® and Discover®, as well as PIN Debit and Gift Cards. Cards can be accepted in either a card present or card not present environment. EMV chip ready terminals transfer liability away from the merchant.


Save the cost of an accounts receivable clerk! If your customers are mailing you payments, you can benefit from a LockBox. The most efficient way to collect payments owed to you, LockBox Services from John Marshall Bank can streamline your collections by eliminating the internal costs of manually opening, processing and recording of payments received for deposit while improving cash flow in your operations.

  • Gives you faster access to funds
  • Improves the productivity of your office staff
  • Virtually eliminates accounts receivables processing
  • Electronic reporting updates payment records automatically
  • Processes payments according to your exact specifications
  • Provides online reporting, image archiving, and exception item decisioning

Business Mobile Check Deposit

John Marshall Bank provides an easy and secure way to deposit checks using your mobile phone. Click and send check deposits anytime, anywhere, with peace of mind. Our Mobile Check Deposit service is as safe and secure as Online Banking.

Armored Car and Courier Services

For businesses requiring the handling of large deposits or change orders, John Marshall Bank will assist in arranging armored car service. Clients will maintain control by contracting directly with the armored car company.

Additional benefits:

  • Enhanced deposit security
  • Employee safety
  • Save time and money

John Marshall Bank also employs a bonded and insured courier to provide services required by customers. Insurance coverage includes lost or destroyed deposit items, theft, accident, medical emergency and any other circumstances including Acts of God.

Liquidity and Investment Solutions

Commercial Sweep Account

Sit back and relax your way to higher earning with John Marshall Bank’s Commercial Sweep Account. This is a way to ensure your money is automatically transferred, or swept, between two or more accounts in a predetermined manner. The Commercial Sweep Account is ideal for managing a steady cash flow between an operating account and one that earns you higher interest rates on hard-earned cash.

Insured Cash Sweep℠ Demand (ICS℠ Demand)

Enroll in our ICS℠ Demand and have excess funds from your John Marshall Bank business checking account automatically swept to participating FDIC insured United States financial institutions. Sweeping your excess funds allows you to maintain each account balance within the FDIC insurance coverage limit of $250,000.00.

 Insured Cash Sweep℠ Savings (ICS℠ Savings)

An ICS℠ Savings account allows businesses to earn interest, maintain FDIC coverage and retain liquidity of your excess funds from your John Marshall Bank money market account. Surplus funds automatically sweep into the security of participating FDIC insured United States financial institutions. Sweeping your excess funds allows you to maintain each account balance within the FDIC insurance coverage limit of $250,000.00. With ICS℠ Savings, you have the convenience of up to six program withdrawals per month.

Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Services (CDARS)

Similar to ICS℠ accounts, CDARS offer you the opportunity to maintain full FDIC coverage on CDs with balances over single FDIC institution limits. John Marshall Bank will establish accounts for excess money in CDs at participating FDIC-insured United States financial institutions.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

Enjoy cash concentration of funds through the use of Zero Balance Accounts. By concentrating deposits, certain account numbers can be protected, overdrafts are minimized and excess funds can be combined to earn interest.

Fraud Protection Solutions

Positive Pay for Checks

Protect your business with this automatic cash management service. Positive Pay electronic tools compare all checks presented for payment against all checks issued. We alert you to potentially fraudulent activity before debiting your account — you decide which checks should be authorized or declined.

  • Reduce unauthorized transactions
  • Limit the risk of fraudulent duplicate checks
  • Receive suspicious activity alerts
  • Approve or decline payments
  • Reconcile accounts quickly and easily

Positive Pay for ACH

Enrolling in Positive Pay for ACH protects your automated transfers from fraudulent activity. You may select to receive account alerts by your choice of text or email. You will be notified of potentially fraudulent activity before debiting your account, allowing you to authorize or decline payment.



John Marshall Bank offers its customers another way to stop fraud faster. As a John Marshall Bank debit cardholder, you may enroll in our SecurLOCK program for FREE. By simply downloading the SecurLOCK Equip mobile app, you will be able to control how, when and where your John Marshall Bank debit card is being used. It’s a simple and secure way to manage and instantly monitor your payment transaction activity with notifications whenever your card is used. And is you ever lose your card, SecurLOCK Equip allows you to easily change your settings and turn the card off, preventing any unauthorized charges from being made.




We’d love to talk about how we can help you better manage your money—and your time.